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  • Going Bilateral: A Brief Look

    Bilateral agreements essentially means that two countries negotiate with one another as opposed to multilateral where multiple countries make agreements affecting the entire group. Now that the nerd stuff is out of the way, we can dive in and take… Read More ›

  • BREXIT 01: Was it a good idea?

    Well… was Brexit a good idea? That’s a hot potato for sure. My dear reader, let us cast aside emotions for the length of this article. Let us make Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Sun Tzu and Niccolo Machiavlli proud by attempting to… Read More ›

  • A New Beat on Africa?

    My dear reader, thank you for joining me today. Let’s have a brief chat on Africa. A continent with 55 countries. Each with its own government. Not too long ago most countries were still colonized. Even after independence there exists… Read More ›

  • The Long Game

    Today it’s all about investing. Investing is a good habit for those able to do it, many find it challenging, because it is. Investing involves taking short term pains in the pursuit of long term gains. That being so, let… Read More ›

  • America vs China

    The Art of (Trade) War? Has anyone ever read the Art of War? You know, the famous book written at about 500 BC. Written at an age where individuals were not as advanced as today (obviously). I highly recommend the… Read More ›

  • Huawei: An Unintended Consequence?

    Firstly, to all who read my previous posts. I’d sincerely like to thank you. For whatever it’s worth, you do make a difference. Today, I’d like a shift. We had interesting discussions on the markets previously, today it’s all about… Read More ›